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Make sure visiting your website is a memorable event for clients and prospects, whatever device they are using, with a responsive CCH Web Manager website. Through the innovative, user-friendly interface you can ensure your site looks great, stays up-to-date and is full of valuable content.

So… What is Responsive Design?

A responsive website is mobile-friendly because it ‘responds’ to the screen size of any device it is viewed on. So instead of creating separate websites for various devices, your responsive website rearranges itself to fit the screen size its loaded on. Meaning clients and prospects will be able to access all of your website content and information from any device they are using.

Why you need a Responsive website

Your website is your most important online marketing and communication tool, so it’s essential that clients and prospects get the best possible user experience from all of their devices. Internet usage on mobile devices has grown rapidly and has overtaken desktop browsing as the most used digital platform.

‘Responsive’ is Googles preferred format for mobile-friendly websites.

See a Responsive Site in Action

To see a responsive site in action, visit our demonstration Customised Responsive website on your desktop computer and mobile device. Or check out our Pre-designed design options.

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