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Save trees and time by taking client documents into the cloud. This intuitive cloud software integrates and synchronises seamlessly with your contact database, so even the very latest documents are just one click away.
Save trees. Save time

Save trees. Save time

As more and more of accountants’ tax software and documentation moves to the cloud, it doesn’t seem to make sense that your clients’ paperwork remains in a cabinet or a server in the office. Now with iFirm Documents you can save a few more trees, plus a load more time, and access your client’s files anywhere.

Just click a contact

Just click a contact

Wherever you are, whatever the time, iFirm Documents enables you to access all your client’s files, simply by clicking their contact record. All you need is an Internet connection to have complete visibility on every single one of your clients, and synchronised updates ensure you’re always looking at the latest copy.

Best value storage

Best value storage

Your iFirm Document client folder will be held in the cloud by one of three leading cloud storage providers: One Drive, Dropbox or Box. This means you’ll experience the comfort and convenience of cutting-edge cloud storage and security, plus first class customer service and the very best value for money.

Easily connect client files to the cloud
Access clients documents and emails wherever you are


Discover dynamic, integrated, cloud-based solutions to simplify and automate the running of your practice.

You’ll enjoy increased visibility across workflow, resources and performance – ultimately freeing your practice up to spend more time adding value to your clients.

Everything you need to manage and work efficiently is at your fingertips whether you’re in the office, working remotely or out visiting clients.

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  • "CCH iFirm has improved the accounting services we offer to our clients, and has positively impacted on the operation of our own practice."
    Craig McCoy, Smith McCoy Alford
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  • "CCH iFirm Practice Manager is designed for accountants – it’s their tool. We have implemented it with one thing in mind – creating better business outcomes."
    Mike Lay, Lay Associates
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  • "Greater visibility, reduced write offs and streamlined time sheeting and invoicing has automated account management processes and produced more efficient outcomes."
    Craig Weston, Inspired Accountants
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  • "We now have the capacity to integrate the details of the job with the time and cost, and then link to the invoicing process. This has had a positive outcome on our bottom line."
    Sue McPherson, ilumin
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  • "The key to any practice management platform decision was going to be the Tax module. And we were looking for a one stop shop package - one that would streamline our workflows, debtors, invoicing and client content."
    David Harrop, Capper Macdonald & King
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Your clients place their trust in you to support them with accurate work and timely advice. CCH iFirm provides you with the tools and systems, when you have to be right.

From the core responsibility of keeping clients compliant, all the way through to streamlining how you communicate with them, we’ve got solutions to enhance and grow your relationship.

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