What’s coming in 2017

Wolters Kluwer Community for CCH iFirm

The Wolters Kluwer Community will make it easier than even before for you to find the CCH iFirm answers you need and to connect with our Support team.

CCH iFirm Integration Partners program

We’re excited to officially launch the CCH iFirm Integration Partners program in 2017 to grow our network of API integration.

CCH iFirm Tax

  • Import ledger data from Client Accounting to automatically populate IR10
  • Send Tax Returns directly to the Client Portal

CCH iFirm Practice Manager

  • Proportional Write Off functionality – Write off time to all employees that worked on a job based on the amount of time they spent on a job
  • Use Timesheet Timers to help complete timesheets
  • See dynamic fields for Job Users
  • See an Invoiced WIP Breakdown report

CCH iFirm Client Portal

  • Define the page a user lands on when logging into Portal
  • Allow users to invite other to Client Portal using global site settings
  • Define the page a user lands on when logging into Portal
  • Send reminder emails to clients for documents to be signed
  • Receive a single email when a client upload multiple documents to the Portal
  • Send documents directly to Client Portal from the Dashboard widget or job screen

CCH iFirm Intranet

  • Customise your Intranet Home Page
  • Edit and delete tags Page
  • Allow documents to be secured to specific users
  • Allow users to rearrange the order of their favourite documents
  • Send Intranet documents to Client Portal from a tablet
  • Intranet Administrators will be shown a Dashboard notification where there is updated publishing content

CCH iFirm Documents

  • Store documents using Office Sharepoint Online
  • Store documents at the root folder level with storage providers
  • Set access restrictions per user in Documents
  • Ability to store documents at the root folder level with storage providers
  • Ability to set access restrictions per user in Documents

CCH iFirm Client Accounting

  • Transfer ledger data to Tax module for IR10 preparation
  • Send Financial Statements straight to Client Portal
Day 2 & 1!

Running your practice with CCH iFirm Practice Manager just got easier

We’re continuing to make running your practice even easier with the following new Practice Manager features:
    • You can now apply a credit note directly to a client job
    • Ability to manage allocations against grouped time sheet amounts
    • Additional filters and views in the Finalised Invoice Report
    • Other reporting and viewing improvements such as the Invoice Breakdown by Job Type Report and WIP Report Job Owner filter

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    Day 3 & 4

    CCH iFirm Tax

    Within CCH iFirm Tax you can now send a reminder email to your clients about IRD tax payments that are due.

    A specific email template has been developed for this, however the template can be customised to meet your firm’s needs.


    What else is new in CCH iFirm Tax?

    • View assessed GST Statements in the Tax Statements area. Read More
    • View statement information in the Statement Information tab. Read More
    • View the history of a return in the Settings tab. Read More
    • Record that you requested the IRD to send an L Letter to a client. Read More

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    Day 5

    Additional data export options for Practice Manager

    There are now additional reporting options within Practice Manager that allow you to export data and then manipulate as you need in Microsoft Excel. These export options include:

    • Debtor Control Data
    • Disbursements
    • Billable time
    • Invoice summary
    • Client relationships

    “The new data export options has made the reporting responsibilities for our internal finance office so much simpler! It has allowed for faster and more customised reporting. We have found this to be a very positive enhancement and made using CCH iFirm even better.”

    Louise Harris, HR & Operations Manager, countplus one


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    What else is new for Practice Manager?

    • Ability to edit Recurring Jobs and Recurring Job Budgets in bulk. Read More
    • Create and use Billing Groups to create invoices to show who owes the debt to your firm for work performed.

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    Day 6

    New CCH iFirm Documents features

    CCH iFirm Documents has just gotten even better with these new features:

    • Seamlessly send documents to and from Client Portal
    • Send documents to and from Google Drive
    • Additional access restrictions to increase your documents security. Read More
    • You can now upload to all supported providers
    • Allows users to cut, copy and paste documents to other folders in the Client Portal
    • From your Contacts and Document menu you can directly upload documents to client folders in dropbox


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    Day 7

    Running your practice with CCH iFirm Practice Manager just got easier

    We’ve released new Practice Manager features to make the running of your practice even easier with increased functionality for job flow visibility, workflow visibility and capacity planning.

    Key features include:

    • Ability to include Target Start Date, in addition to Target End Date, automatically splitting time across the period of the job for easier capacity planning. Read More
    • During the process of emailing Statements or Invoices to clients, you now have the option to print any statements where a client doesn’t have an email address, without having to go through the list yourself. Read More about invoices here and statements here.
    • Better functionality when accessing your iFirm site using you smart phone
    • Ability to change a job’s status in capacity planning. Read More
    • Option to change the job status to complete when closing the job. Read More
    • Additional reporting options, including Billable Time by Client and Billable Time by Period.

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    Day 8

    Managing your Client Portal emails just got easier

    If you are uploading multiple documents, you can now send these documents in a single email to your clients instead of having to send individual emails for each document. This new feature allows you to further streamline and consolidate your client communications.

    “Consolidating multiple documents into one email has also greatly improved the process. The ability to check if a client has opened portal documents also allows us to follow up with the client where necessary”

    Philip Keir CA Director, Whitehill Keir

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    What else is new in Client Portal?

    • You can now access the Client Portal from within a contact record
    • Set access rights for new users during the Client Portal invitation process
    • The ability to set folder security on Portal folders, such as viewing and editing permissions
    • The log in link now appears on the Client Portal registration pages
    • Search ability within a specific client portal for a document
    • Create reports on documents that still need to be signed by clients
    • Easy identification of documents that haven’t been opened yet by clients
    • The last 5 interactions with a document are shown as a tool tip

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    Day 9

    New ‘sign here’ tags in Client Portal documents

    When clients sign documents in Client Portal, you have the ability to tag multiple sections of the document where their signature, initials or date stamp are required. The tags also take them to the specific locations for signing.

    This new feature makes signing documents in Client Portal more efficient and improves the user experience for your clients.


    “We have been using the new portal functionality for the last month and believe these new features make a significant improvement to the client experience. Using the Tags to sign documents allows clients to quickly find the correct place to sign and review.”

    Philip Keir CA Director, Whitehill Keir

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    What else is new in Client Portal?

    • You can now get documents signed online with Digital Signatures
    • You can change the landing page your client sees when they log in to Portal
    • Further customise your client communications by inserting images
    • Clients can edit their contact details on the portal, which you will be notified to review and approve

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    Day 10

    The power of client match with CCH iQ (Australia)

    CCH iQ is the predictive intelligence tool that combines CCH iFirm software and CCH iKnow content to drive actionable outcomes by leveraging your client data.

    There are already multiple CCH iQ events within the CCH iFirm platform for you to start using as business development opportunities and to engage with your clients.

    View the CCH iQ Sydney launch roadshow recording below to find out more:

    CCH iQ Video

    Departmental accounting now available in Client Accounting (New Zealand)

    CCH iFirm’s Client Accounting module now allows you to produce financial reports which show various segments such as departments, divisions, branches or cost centres.

    Key features include the ability to:

    • Add up to 99 divisions
    • Print a set of Financial Reports for a specific department or a consolidated report for all department collectively
    • Filter data displayed on the general ledger and Chart tabs by department
    • Drill down into each departmental code to see the transactions that make up that balance

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    Check out the training video

    What else is new?

    You now have the option to round financial reports to the nearest cents in Client Accounting.


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